Economic Development

Professional. Responsive. Confidential. Client-Focused. These are words that describe the manner in which Forward Sumner Economic Partnership works with its clients. The issues and services addressed by Forward Sumner range from facilities and land ... to equipment ... to personnel ... to incentive packages ... to providing relevant market data ... and so much more.

Types of Business and Organizations Served

Forward Sumner’s Role:

  • Relocating Businesses – Assisting businesses that are considering a move into Sumner County.
  • Existing Businesses – Responding to existing Sumner County businesses desiring to add facilities, enhance capabilities and/or improve employee performance.
  • Start-Ups – Laying groundwork to help potential new companies … from small (entrepreneurial) to large (corporate).
  • Site Selectors – Operating “behind the scenes” by providing site and/or market information to those who provide reconnaissance services for corporate clients.
  • Economic Development Entities – Collaborating with other key economic development entities throughout Tennessee, Nashville and Sumner County ... to bring together the best possible team of professionals.
  • Education and Training Providers – Coordinating wants/needs of businesses with capabilities of colleges and univesities, technical schools and other providers of education and training services.
  • Public Officials and Governmental Offices – Cooperating with various public entities to enhance Sumner County’s economic development competitiveness.

Services Provided

Business Location Services

From responding to a business’ precise specifications to conducting a county-wide site search in behalf of a business, Forward Sumner will help identify optimum locations for its client. The following are online tools that will help the search process.

Data Compilation, Trending and Analysis

Existing Business Expansion

Incentives, Grants and Tax Considerations

Infrastructure Support

One-Stop Liaison Services

Forward Sumner is prepared to coordinate project cases with a variety of public and private entities, including Governments, Utility Providers, Transportation Departments, Engineers, Contractors, etc. Key Marketing Partners include:

Site and/or Building Evaluation

Forward Sumner’s role is to help entities find the right location to fulfill – or exceed – expectations:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Professional Offices
  • Corporate Complexes
  • Distribution and Logistics Facilities
  • Retail Centers and Stores
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Dining, Entertainment and Recreational

Small Business Services